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Welcome to the brain-child of Lacey Barratt. (That’s me.)

Exposing Birth is where you’re going to learn how to do everything from pick up a camera for the first time so you can snap your sisters birth, (don’t freak out, I’ve got you) to creating a fully-blown birth photography empire which supports your entire family to live the lifestyle you want. (Yes, it’s possible.)

Hobby or legitimate, when you shoot birth, it changes you

It’s beautiful. It’s the portal to life, death, and beyond. It’s also a metaphor for how to market your business and care for yourself & your loved ones, and how to transition through life. It’s ‘the space in between’, where everything and nothing makes sense. It’s the most powerful and game-changing moment of your life, and in life. 

My philosophy: What you can’t learn from birth, isn’t worth learning. 

And no matter how good you are at all of the moving pieces – the lighting, the respect for space, the fast pace, the edits, the practical business bits and bobs… Exposing Birth exists so you can thrive to your own next level.

Here, we talk about birth as a philosophy, as much as a process. This is what all my work is centred around, and this is why you’ll find the worlds largest library of birth philosophy based learning for all humans, right here on Exposing Birth.

Photography Business Tools

Birth Photographer offers tools for the documentarian to ensure they are confident and competent in any situation.


Birth Photographer offers a range of e-courses to help you with everything from starting your birth photography business to aiding you in increasing your conversion rates.

Lightroom Presets

Birth Photographer offers custom made presets for each and every situation; including low light, flash, underexposed, and film preset collections.

Free Birth Photography Resources

Birth Photographer offers a range of business building, confidence-boosting and matriarchal making tools, resources and guides all for free. 

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