Business Review Template

When we say business review, we don’t mean for you to write a raving review about your business. Although you can if you want! What we actually mean is for you to look back, be present, and look to the future of your buisness and review it. 
Each quarter I do a review of my business. This is usually a reflection of what I’ve done well, what I could do better in, and how I can achieve that. I look at my finances, whats come in, what hasn’t and what has yet to come in. You can be in depth or shallow as you’d like, pending how deep you want to go. 

A true business review is an objective assessment of your company’s existing position. This includes financial and commercial positions. 

If you have a business review that you have conducted in the last 12 months, you are more than welcome to upload this as your business review. I know some frequent this practice and it might be new to others. Some do quarterly reviews, bi-annual reviews or yearly reviews. Or all of them or one of them!

This is actually a really fun process when you look back at your year in review (or quarter in review) and begin to set your goals for the next year (or quarter). Please don’t be afraid of this process. Out of all of our previous top 5 fnalists who have participated in this process, the number one peice of feedback that I have gotten is that they had no idea all of the things they had accomplished. 

It’s really easy to talk ourselves into believing that we are a failure or havn’t completed what we wanted to but in reality, we have created so much more than we actually thought. That is what this process is meant to do. Remind you that you are making strides. And big ones. It just may not feel that way when life is happening at the same time. 

Rules for submitting your business review:

Your business review must not contain any business or real life names of yourself. Remember the process all the way through to PPY is anonymous. If you do mention your name, simply redact it in a PDF mark up app. 

Please export your file and name it as Surname_FirstName_BR_01

If you’d like to write your own business review and not follow the questions below, please feel free to do so.

Make sure it includes a snapshot of your year in review.
What has made your business profitable
What were your strong points
What were your weak points
What are your projections
How do you plan to achieve that 

Questions 13 and 14 are mandatory on all business reviews. Please include it!

If you’d prefer to answer a questionnaire of sorts, or use these questions to inspire you to write your own, feel free to use the below questions! Just make sure your business review is kept to a page (1.5 at max!)


  1. How did you get here? (Here can be subjective)
  2. How do you face adversity?
  3. What makes you sustainable?
  4. How do you give back to your community?
  5. Is your business profitable? Why or why not?
  6. What is the most important thing to you in business?
  7. What makes a business successful?
  8. How do you handle unhappy clients? Give an example if you have one or would like to.
  9. What is your biggest achievement in your business?
  10. What are your key values in your business and why?
  11. How do you deal with medical staff that are uncomfortable / not happy with you being there?
  12. How do you plan on growing your business over the next 3-5 years?
  13. How will you use the prestige of this award to better the birth photography community and bring awareness to what we do to the general public?
  14. Why do you think you would make a good advocate for birth photographers?
  15. Please list anything you would like the judges to know about you/your business that you didn’t get to answer in the above questions.