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My plants have taught me everything. They have inspired me to take better care of myself, taught me about birth, death, and rebirth, as well as remind me to drink water. I allow my (hundreds 😝🙈) of plants to be a metaphor for everything I do.

So what did I do during Covid? I bought more plants and a greenhouse. I mean, it was the middle of winter, my tropical plants were dying and I felt like I was too. So I enlisted my 5 children to help me haul about 75 plants into the greenhouse.

Basically, we are plants with complex emotions.

Ok ok ok, Lacey but what does this have to do with Birth?

Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with birth.

Winter is LONG in Melbourne. It’s cold and it’s a time of hibernation. Just like we have a winter in our cycles, we too have a physical winter, right?

When I took those tropical plants and housed them together super close next to each other in the greenhouse, something magical happened.


So, I started thinking how powerful numbers are. Support is. Body heat is. Hibernating in an incubator and used that as a metaphor for growth in my own business and reflected back on the previous years. Here is what I found.


Every time I joined a group mastermind, I grew.


Every time I invested in coaching, I grew.


Every time I jump into this incredible group of women to teach them, I learn something and I grew.

So I wanted to create a space where a group of people can lean on each other to retreat, unify, and GROW in our Conservatory for Birth Photographers and Doulas.

What is the Exposing Birth Conservatory?

It is a $29 / month based experience where the longer you stay the more perks you get.

Your inclusions for $29/ month are:

You get access to my Learning Library

 (valued at over $10,000 worth of courses and information!)

The learning library is jam-packed FULL of HUNDREDS of videos I have done over the years. You’ll find a bit of a kaleidoscope of Lacey in her many forms, but my message is the same. And it’s POWERFUL. There is a wide variety of videos from how to’s, session demos, marketing, my favourite programs to use, entire courses, contributions from leaders in their respective industry, SEO, websites, the psychology of sales and SO MUCH MORE.

Private Group to incubate with each other

(valued at $199/ year)

This is the conservatory part. I hate Facebook. Like, with a fucking passion. I keep getting banned, having our group threatened, posts removed and not to mention the algorithm doesn’t show people important information and they miss out. I have created our own social media platform for YOU. Where you can post whatever images you want, share as many nips until your heart is content. There are groups that are available to all users of the platform, but this one is exclusively yours. I’m also hanging out in this group multiple times a day and available to answer your questions and give support here as well.

The Private Podcast

 (valued at $588/yr!)

I think this is the part I am most excited about. I like to talk. Probably because me talking is the only thing that shuts my kids up 😜 This podcast is private and only available to YOU. There are episodes here that you have never heard before. There are recordings of the videos stored here too, so if you don’t want to watch a video, you can jump into the podcast and LISTEN to it. I’m all about using our senses to learn and understand that some learn better in different ways. So I’m constantly creating ways to deliver my content that may be a little unconventional, simple, and convenient.

Monthly Hot Seat Group Coaching Call

(valued at $2997/ yr)

I love coaching. I love asking powerful questions. I love watching the gears move and the light switch go off in your head. I love supporting. I love shifting beliefs, I love creating new realities. I love re-creating new experiences with old experiences. I love talking about money and gender-stereotypical norms and how its all bullshit. You can expect to have an opportunity to get some hot seat coaching each month. Our calls are live, they are recorded and they are shared in our group (private podcast) for others to learn from. Our calls will be hosted a different times each month to cater for different time zones.

Free resources

(over $6,000 worth of resources here for free!)

Yup, contract templates, social media engagement templates, desktop organisers, digital planners and journals, calculators, social media templates, Trello boards, presets and more. I’m constantly creating things because I just can’t sit still and what has emerged is an incredible library of resources to help you get where you want to be FASTER. These will be dripped out to you once per month. Some of these resources cannot be purchased from the shop. They are exclusively yours.

Discounted entry to BPOTY

(regular price $35/ entry)

I love birth exclusive competitions and I love feedback. So I created the Birth Photographer International Image Competition. Instead of paying full price, you’ll get a hefty discount to enter. Boom, who doesn’t like discounts? Speaking of discounts…

Speaking of discounts…

20% discount to the shop and you’ll be the first to be invited into my programs

I love discounts. I love being acknowledged as a returning customer too. I get frustrated when there are only deals and discounts to ‘new members.’ I don’t work that way. Here, you get rewarded for showing up, doing the work, and for coming back over and over again and supporting my family (THANK YOU!) Your discounts include signature programs, coaching 1:1 and like, literally everything. Take advantage of that…because it’s a huge discount!

Enrolment into our Merits program for BPOTY

I have had this vision to have a system that is available to those that enter competitions but don’t win overall. I’ve been there. It’s annoying AF. Especially when your work is like THAT GOOD. So the merit system is there for those who enter and get awarded bronze (1 pt), silver (2 pts), gold (3 pts) and those points accumulate until you get a certain amount of points whereby you can now call yourself an Associate Professional Birth Photographer, or a Master Professional Birth Photographer. Don’t worry. There will be more info in the portal when it’s time to release this bad boy.

Free 1:1 coaching

Every quarter you will have a free 1:1 coaching call with me to use within 3 months. Nothing is off-limits in these sessions and is a great way to fast track your learning and fine-tune your trajectory.

This is the space where you can sit, stew, learn, hibernate, get coaching, get new resources, and ask for help, all on autopilot.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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Are you available 24/7 for support?

No, I am not. I do however hang out in the group most of the day and am checking about 3 times a day to respond to all questions and support!

How quickly do you respond to questions?

I’m in Australia, so my time zone is wayyy different to US, Canada, and UK. So please allow 24 – 48 hours, but as previously stated, I’m in there 3-4 times a day!

Is there minimum requirement?

There is a 3 month minimum requirement. I did this to dissuade people from binge downloading and then cancelling within the month. It sucks, but just think, one more month and you get a 1:1 with me!

Do I have direct access to you in a 1:1 capacity?

You do have direct access to me via our online group, however you do not have 1:1 coaching support with me until your 4th month in the Conservatory. Every quarter, you’ll get another coaching call to make sure you stay on track! 

Are there any refunds?

Due to the nature of the content all being digital, and the podcast being instant and on demand, there are no refunds and no monthly pro-rata refunds. If you cancel, you’ll have access to the content until the end of the month when your billing cycle ends. 

Where do I report a problem on the website?

Head over to and submit a support ticket, otherwise I lose things!

If I cancel, do I get to keep my perks if I come back?

No, you don’t you’ll start on a new billing plan and cycle. When you canel your membership with the conservatory, you’ll loose your perks in the dashboard. You’ll also be subject to any new procing, if there is a price increase.