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5 Day Low Light Challenge

Learn the fundamentals for shooting in low light and nailing your exposure in camera the first time without relying on Lightroom to fix it in post!

What will you learn?

How to Increase your confidence and competence working in low light.

How to drastically increase the ability to produce technically perfect images for a client (no matter the light level).

How to ditch the fear and anxiety of missing that once-in-a-lifetime shot - for good!

Where to find help and support as you build your birth photography business

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I knew I had to change something!

“Just wanna say thanks, Lacey… I just booked my first birth at my new price of nearly 3g. The client didn’t even bat an eyelid ?

So thanks for being a mentor, open and valuing your own worth so that we can do the same with the support to squash those moments of self-doubt. xx”

Sarah Jae Miles

Lacey Barratt

Award Winning Birth Photographer

Lacey Barratt is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic and unapologetically raw content through visual arts.