Imagine playing the game of life knowing you were guaranteed to win. 

90 Days of Maverick

Seriously, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t lose? 

Want to break the rules of life, Societal norms and stereotypes?
I got you boo.
You see how we speak to ourselves and others moulds how we see the world, the decisions we make and the experiences that we choose to interact with.
Imagine playing the game of life knowing you were guaranteed to win. 

Over 90 days of Maverick you’ll unlock the stories of your soul and shift your internal dialogue. Not only changing your business but your life. 

This is your game and I’m here to help you play it, in what ever way you need.

That’s the magic of being a maverick.
Need a coffee? Hit me up. Want a kick in the pants? I’m your girl. Want to bust through every ceiling? Amen to that. 

In 90 days of maverick there are no rules (well, some cause a girl needs sleep!) but This is what you need, how you need it.
And it will all be revealed soon.
Want in for this immersive experience?
Sign up for the wait list and I’ll be in touch with the opportunity to shift your entire belief systems.
Trust me, your life and business will never be the same. 

What you can expect…

A group maverick experience that caters to all of your representational systems

Weekly calls for 90 days

Group Voxer chat between weekly calls

Option to work with me 1:1 or in a group

Register for the 90 Days of Maverick Waitlist!

Get ready to play the game of life by YOUR rules.

I knew I had to change something!

“Just wanna say thanks, Lacey… I just booked my first birth at my new price of nearly 3g. The client didn’t even bat an eyelid ?

So thanks for being a mentor, open and valuing your own worth so that we can do the same with the support to squash those moments of self-doubt. xx”

Sarah Jae Miles

Lacey Barratt

Award Winning Birth Photographer

Lacey Barratt is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic and unapologetically raw content through visual arts.