Ok so you’ve been shooting for a little while or are just getting into it. A friend or family member asked you to document the birth of their baby and you were like, “Yea ok cool.”

But now, you are hooked on birth, still high, and need more.

You feel it deep in your bones that you need to document more births, but aren’t sure of the logistics.

I mean, how does this birth business thing really work? Can it work?

How are you supposed to get clients when you don’t have any pictures you can use to reel them in? Do you charge? Is it free? How much is too much for someone getting started?

Do you really drop everything at a moments notice and go to another family when you haven’t even fed your own?

So many questions pop up that you can’t answer. What kind of settings should I be using? Can you really take pictures in the dark with no light? So like, do I take pictures of her, you know, down there, when you know, that is happening? 

Great news for you my friend.

It’s called a Mock Birth.



What is a Mock Birth, you ask?

☑️ Full Day Workshop 9-5
☑️ Pregnant Model
☑️ Use images for portfolio 
☑️ 2 hours shooting 
☑️ 1 hour Q+A   
☑️ 2 hours post production and workflow
☑️ 2 hours mastermind setting for hot seat coaching
☑️ Learn from world renowned Lacey Barratt
☑️ Talk strategy, mindset, and business with Lacey and a small intimate group.
☑️ Have fun and meet new people!

Now is your chance to make this work for you. If there were ever a sign from Heaven that you can do this, you have found it. I’m giving you permission to build the business of your dreams, that works for you, that makes you money, and that allows you to create whatever you want to create, with ease…


Now, give yourself the same permission like Amy and Michelle did.

“Just when I was wanting to deepen my understanding of birth photography I stumbled across Lacey’s Mock Birth and jumped at the opportunity. Birth is an intimate experience and the knowledge I gained from this workshop gave me the confidence to enter a birth suite for the first time and provide a professional level of support and service. Lacey holds nothing back and is an open and informative book. Learning from on the best in the business was one of the most valuable experiences I had as a budding birth photographer and one I will be forever grateful for!

Truly Lacey I am forever grateful for everything you have done and continue to do for the birth community here and around the world.”



Michelle Palasia

“Lacey has been my birth photography mentor for over a year now and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have done it without her. Her encouragement, honesty and commitment to her students is unwavering. I’ve learnt so much from Lacey and, if you get the chance, make sure to attend an in person workshop…they’re relaxed, fun and you’ll walk away soaked in Lacey’s energy and knowledge which will light you up! Thank you, Lacey, for everything you do and have done…you’re the bombdiggity of birth photography! xx”


Who is Lacey Barratt from Birth Photographer.

And why should you trust her?
Lacey Barratt is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic, and unapologetically raw content through visual arts. As a doula, she pushes the boundaries of what women think they are capable of; helping them to break free of any societal norms or standards by understanding they are their own individual with individual needs. Lacey makes sure that her imagery is nothing less than artful and educational, striving to help women gain knowledge through her images. 
As a birth photography educator, she meets you right where you are at and doula’s you to the most empowered version of yourself and in business.

Mock Births are about sharpening your skill and building a community (you may just meet your much needed back up!)



8 May 2021






Keari Martin



24 April 2021






Lacey Barratt

After you have attended our workshop you will:

  • be experts in light
  • know how to adequately curate a story unique to your clients
  • never miss another shot again
  • come away from the mastermind with clarity and a visionary mindset
  • have a strategy for how to reach your goals 
  • remove all limits that hold you back from your full potential
  • meet new people and have a close community you can call on

Mock Birth

Full Day Workshop $449AUD

  • 9am-5pm with 1 hr lunch break 
  • Light Snacks provided
  • Model provided for portfolio usage
  • Bring your camera, you are shooting!
  • Business Strategy second half of the day
  • Group and individual coaching valued at $2,000
  • Intimate Mother Preset and LUTs Bundle valued at $120 BONUS


You have questions and I have answers.
Take a peek at the most commonly asked questions.

Q. What happens if I buy a ticket and I can't make it?

A. It’s a super huge bummer for me to say this, but once your ticket is purchased it is non-refundable. You can, however, sell it or gift it to someone else, or transfer it to another location. Because my costs are HUGE on this tour for me, ticket sales simply cannot be refunded. If you have extenuating circumstances, please email me at lacey@birthphotographer.com.au. I am always happy to help however I can. Otherwise, I will record the entire workshop and send you a replay so you can still experience the mock birth in your own home at your own leisure.

Q. Can I buy a last minute ticket?

A. Tickets are limited as our space is only so big. I am cutting it off at 20 in total. Once tickets are gone, they are gone. Gone, Like The Wind. (See what I did there?)

Q. Can I bring my baby?

A. Ummm, YES! My entire business is built on work-life integration. This is one way I integrate them into my work. All I ask is if your babe gets a bit loud, just pop out for a sec and come back in. We get it, it’s totally fine. Chances are I may very well have our youngest with me too!

Q. Can someone host me if I can't afford accomodation but can snag a ticket?

A. We have created a facebook group specifically for Mock Birth attendees to find support and community and a host. So, short answer YES there are people willing to offer their homes to you! Isn’t our community awesome? You may find someone willing to carpool or split an airbnb too!

Q. What happens if there aren't enough registrations and you can't make a city?

A. I am heavily depending on YOU to share this with your local communities so this doesn’t have to happen. If there are not enough registrations, you will be issued a full refund for your ticket and the city will be cancelled. Otherwise, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another city.

Q. I really want you to come to my city. If I can get enough people to register can you come to us?

A. I want to. I want to clone myself and be everywhere all at the same time and kiss and hug and throw down truth bombs so big it blows your pants off, but at this stage, the cities that are there are the only ones I will be attending. My babes are still tandem breastfeeding and as much as I am ready to ween, I’m not (you know what I mean.) What I can say is this will not be the first or last trip to the Australian Mock Births, so if you are unable to carpool or fly in this time, we can always count on next time. I am very lovingly asking for those who are truly interested in learning from me take into consideration the travel I am putting in, and to meet me halfway and reciprocate the same <3

What is a Mastermind?

  Well, my Masterminds aren’t quite like what a traditional Mastermind is.
While yes, I will push you far beyond your comfort zones, this is deeper than boundaries. I’m going to start with what may seem like simple topics at first, but as we dive deep in our small and intimate group, you’ll find the deeply rooted problems that are holding you back. We will be doing individual hot seat coaching, an experience valued at $2,000 with me. The second half of the mastermind is transformational and life altering.
We will be talking on topics such as 






This is more like an off the chain, unhinged session with me in a small group. It is unscripted and spontaneous. I invite you to come and explore these topics that hold us back in our businesses.