Client Enquiries: The Response


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Gone are the days of emails and hello are the days of video.
In this micro e-course, I show you how to integrate both. An email sequence for the ultimate strategy in closing clients. Since using video my conversion rates have skyrocketed, my client bonds has strengthened and the price of my sale has increased. On average, my current sale $3.5k-$6k. You can do that too. To find out how, enrol now to form a personalised strategy.

In this micro-course, you’ll receive
– bonus video on web design to get your potential clients to even enquire with you to begin with
– 1 set of 6 emails to send to potential clients as part of an enquiry funnel
– 1 video script template to integrate into your email sequence
– 1 sample video I send to my own potential clients

Email marketing is still one of the more effective methods of digital marketing – if not THE best. Video is one the best ways to grab attention and increase engagement.

In this micro e-course, you will learn from Lacey Barratt how to integrate both.

An email sequence, with video, might just be the ultimate strategy in closing clients.