Work with me. A doula for your business. 

It is just a fancy way of saying business mentor. I don’t like being the average status quo. So I’m sticking with that title, because I like it, and it’s cool. 

There is a plethora of ways you can work with me. 


I offer quite a few different eCourses. Most of them are self study, but I have a couple that I run live on zoom calls. These are the funnest for me, because I get to be with in live on our calls and answer any questions you have. I hate waiting for questions to come through on Facebook and that awkward in between time where you’re like, welllll just waiting for questions, and typing and live…yea, fuck that, let me just be with you in real time. That feels good for me. 


One that gets my rocks right off is having deep and meaningful conversations. I mean, I thrive off of them. I don’t just want them, I need them. It is crucial for my emotional survival and mental health. There are also a few ways that you can work with me online, be it one on one, or in a group mastermind settings. 

In Person

During the year I run in person workshops…around the world, not just Australia. Always check out our pages to see where we are headed next!

Become a Member of Birth Photographer

As a member of Birth Photographer, we take care of the SEO for your directory listings, ensuring that you are seen easier on Google, you have access to our resources that were once in a shop, and now available to you for free. All you need is business insurance to sign up. 

Are you ready to engage a doula for your birth photography business?

In Person Workshops

Here you can find where we will be and when. It might be a city near you. 


Birth Photographer offers a range of e-courses to help you with everything from starting your birth photography business to aiding you in increasing your conversion rates.


Wanna have a chat with me that will change the trajectory of your business? Click below, I dare ya. 

Meet me…Lacey Barratt

Who am I?
I am a birth photographer, videographer and documentarian.
I am a passionate birth rights advocate.
I am a doula for birth, postpartum and business.
I am an educator, an award-winning photographer, a featured writer.
I am a mother, a partner, a lover, a friend, a conversationalist, a creative, an arse-kicker.